Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Maps and Meows: Beneath a Righteous Temple

Greetings everyone!  Welcome back to Maps and Meows, my irregular guest feature where I draw fantasy maps.  This week's map is a continuation of my last article, the Lakeside Temple.

Beneath a Righteous Temple

Beneath the main church of the lakeside temple is a the resting place of many of the Virtuous Order of Salara's greatest heroes and leaders.  This large crypt has two large burial rooms lined with burial alcoves.  There are also eight individual rooms, each of which are the resting place of a single great hero.  Inside each is a sarcophagus and a statue commemorating the hero.

Crypt as line drawing

Crypt in full color

Drawing the map

The map is hand-drawn on 8.5x11 Bienfang 4x4 Gridded Paper.  Like the Lakeside Temple map, I drew this using Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens.  A fine tip (0.5mm) pen was used for the walls of the dungeon.  All details (debris, doors, stairs, brick outline on the walls, etc) were drawn with a extra-small tip (0.1mm) pen.

After I finished the hand-drawn map, I scanned it into Photoshop as grey-scale at 600dpi.  I applied a Anisotropic Diffuse filter to soften up the lines.  I then created a second layer underneath the map, which I filled with a 600dpi grid fill pattern that I've created previously.  Using the wand tool on the map layer, I select and delete the interior sections of the map so that the grid layer beneath shows through.

After the map is complete and cleaned up (for example, I messed up on some of the statues, so I copy/pasted the best statue and replaced all the other statue icons with it), I exported as a 150dpi JPG for posting here.  If I use this in a published product, I will export as a 300dpi TIFF for pulling into Scribus during layout.

Sarah colored the map with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils.

While I didn't get a good picture of her being a pest while I was drawing this map, I did get a good picture of Zoe being my mapping helper:

What?  I'm helping!

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